Month: November 2022

Deep Diving Into Roth IRAs (Ep.41)

Deep Diving Into Roth IRAs (Ep.41)

It is no secret that Roth IRAs are popular. How much have you heard? How deep into the information have you considered when thinking about including Roth IRA accounts in your retirement plan?

In this episode, Tim Whisler focuses on Roth IRAs, explaining the different aspects of Roth accounts, how they fit within retirement planning and the considerations to consider when choosing to include them within retirement plans. He shares stories about clients who have benefited both from including and excluding the account and how the IRS connects to  IRA accounts.

Tim discusses:

  • What is a Roth IRA
  • The stipulations of withdrawing money from a Roth conversion
  • How the secure act changed the way Roth IRAs are inherited
  • When do to a Roth conversion 

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