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Episode 12 – Growing Spiritually Through Athletic Programs – With Chad Bailey

Episode 12 – Growing Spiritually Through Athletic Programs – With Chad Bailey

Since 1948, The Christian Center, in Peoria, Illinois, has had a mission to provide a place where Christians could grow and the lost could find Christ.

But how is this related to sports and recreational activities?

In the latest episode of Whisler While You Retire, Tim Whisler sits down with the organization’s managing director, Chad Bailey. Chad explains how The Christian Center serves the community by offering programs for people (of all ages) to enjoy recreational activities while sharing the gospel of Christ.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why church-related partnerships are so important for The Christian Center 
  • How the organization recruits basketball, baseball, and soccer coaches 
  • Real-life experience: Why Chad believes that God always ends up providing
  • How the facility keeps up with all the financial costs associated with The Christian Center  
  • From ping-pong to bowling, soccer, and basketball: the programs offered by The Christian Center 
  • And more!

Listen in to discover how The Christian Center helps people of all ages develop a greater sense of spirituality and faith through sports and recreation! 

Resources: Tim Whisler | The Whisler Agency | (309) 291-0491 | The Christian Center  | 309-685-4218 | Chad Bailey | Location and Hours Information 

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