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21. The Ergonomic Lifestyle At Home With Pauline Pearson

21. The Ergonomic Lifestyle At Home With Pauline Pearson

With many working from home due to COVID, how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in a less ergonomic environment?

In this episode, Tim Whisler is joined by Pauline Pearson, a licensed massage therapist dedicated to helping others achieve their healthiest selves. She reveals what you can do while working from home to achieve a healthier lifestyle and the importance of relaxing and recharging yourself physically and mentally.

Tim and Pauline discuss:

  • The importance of discovering the core problem of your pain
  • The importance of fluidity within your body
  • Why you should listen to the pain signals your body sends
  • And more!

Connect with Tim: 

Connect with Pauline:

About Pauline:

Pauline is a dedicated and licensed massage therapist located in Morton, IL. With a passion for relaxation and healing, Pauline has spent years learning and honing her skills to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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