Episode 11 – Brace for IMPACT 46 — with Guest Kyle McClellan

Episode 11 – Brace for IMPACT 46 — with Guest Kyle McClellan

Following the end of former MLB pitcher Kyle McClellan’s career with the St. Louis Cardinals, he and his wife founded Brace for IMPACT 46, a non-profit organization following a life-changing mission to Haiti. 

In this episode, Tim Whisler sits down with Kyle McClellan to review his journey as a baseball player, and discuss his non-profit organization. Kyle shares how Brace for IMPACT 46 helps individuals, children, and families have a better future, both in Haiti and in St. Louis, Missouri. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • From high school baseball to University of Missouri, and the St. Louis Cardinals: Kyle’s journey as an MLB pitcher
  • How Kyle embarked on the journey of building Brace for IMPACT 46
  • Serving in Haiti and St. Louis: Brace for IMPACT 46’s mission in both countries, and why’s its community, and leadership so important 
  • And more!

Tune in and find out how baseball and Brace for IMPACT 46 shaped the individual Kyle McClellan is today! 

Resources: Tim Whisler | The Whisler Agency | (309) 291-0491 | Brace for IMPACT 46 | Programs in Haiti  | Program in St. Louis | Child Sponsorship Program | Brace for IMPACT 46 Facebook | Brace for IMPACT 46 Instagram 

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