Episode 14 – A Deep Dive Into Longevity Planning – Part 2 – With Bill Comfort, CSA®, CLTC®

Episode 14 – A Deep Dive Into Longevity Planning – Part 2 – With Bill Comfort, CSA®, CLTC®

By now, you know that you MUST prepare for longevity as you approach retirement. 

But what does the process look like? What are the available options for long-term care policies?  How to fund a plan?  What are the key policy elements?

In part two of this mini-series, Tim Whisler is once again joined by the president of Comfort Long Term Care, and the director of training and development for the certification in long-term care designation, Bill Comfort. This time, Bill takes a deep dive into longevity planning – all this to help YOU find and determine the best long-term care policy. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How long-term care insurance companies have evolved to create the plans that are available today
  • The difference between the traditional, stand-alone, and asset-based or hybrid long-term care insurance plans 
  • How professionals like Bill and Tim can help you repurpose your dollars to prepare for care and potential emergency expenses 
  • Biggest myths surrounding long-term care insurance 
  • And more!

Listen in to find out how policies in place allow individuals and families to transition from care provider to care supervisor! 

Resources: Tim Whisler | The Whisler Agency | (309) 291-0491 | Bill Comfort, CSA®, CLTC® | Comfort Long Term Care 

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