26. Optimizing Your Social Security With Beth Ingle

26. Optimizing Your Social Security With Beth Ingle

With so many people in the US taking advantage of Social Security benefits within their retirement plan, it’s important to fully understand how to make the most of the program and ensure that you’re receiving the optimal benefit..

In this episode, Tim Whisler is joined by Beth Ingle, a certified senior advisor with Living By Your Design. Beth shares her knowledge about Social Security benefits and discusses what could happen to your benefits if you choose to return to work after retirement.

Beth discusses:

  • How you can access your Social Security information online
  • The role of Social Security in your retirement plan
  • The impact of working part time on your retirement benefits
  • How your age when accepting Social Security changes your benefits
  • And more!


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About our Guest: 

Beth Ingle has 40+ years of working with people and helping them make life changing decisions. The first 37 years were spent working as a Service Representative, Claims Representative and a Technical Expert with the Social Security Administration. It was a rewarding but challenging career and helped me realize that I wanted to continue helping others, particularly Older Americans, after I retired. I have spent the past 5 years working for Living By Your Design helping others make some very difficult, life altering decisions for themselves or their parents. By treating them with compassion and respect she hopes that she is able to give them Peace of Mind as they navigate the journey of aging.

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