The First Step in Working with a Retirement Income Planner (Ep. 45)

The First Step in Working with a Retirement Income Planner (Ep. 45)

Are you nearing retirement and want a set of professional eyes to take a look at your plan? Uncertain about part of your current plan? Working with a retirement income planner could provide resources and information you never thought about.

In this episode, Tim Whisler shares his process of working with a client from the beginning. He discusses the paperwork involved, the timeline for moving funds, and how they track the progress of pending business, emphasizing the importance of communication and providing various ways for clients to reach him.

Tim discusses:

  • How he starts the retirement planning process
  • An example of what the retirement planning process looks like from the first meeting
  • The importance of consistent communication with clients
  • Why documentation of the retirement planning process is essential for both the advisor and the client
  • And more

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