Navigating America’s Retirement Dilemma (Ep. 4)

Navigating America’s Retirement Dilemma (Ep. 4)

Are you ready to navigate the shifting landscape of retirement planning? Tim shares insights on this topic from a documentary

Tim Whisler dives into the critical shifts in retirement planning, highlighted in the revealing documentary “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” by Douglas Orchard. He explores the importance of protecting assets for retirement income, from defined benefits to defined contribution plans. Tim dives into the dwindling availability of defined benefit plans and the increasing responsibility placed on employees to save for retirement.

Tim discusses:

  • The shift away from traditional pension plans to 401(k) and other defined contribution plans.
  • Insights from “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” documentary on the challenges and solutions for retirement planning.
  • Strategies for generating reliable retirement income and mitigating risks.
  • The importance of financial literacy and education in planning for a financially secure retirement.
  • And more


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